We are a group of like-minded women who enjoy meeting up and doing what we like best – creating! There are 20 members, we meet every Monday afternoon at the Chevington Village Hall. Our meetings take a variety of directions. Sometimes one of our members agrees to share a particular skill or something she has recently learnt, with the rest of the group. We invite outside tutors to come along and run workshops for us. These are some of the recent tutors that we have had: Gwen Hedley, Cas Holmes, Frances Pickering and Alex Waylett, so as you can see we get top names in the textile world. On other occasions we have development meetings where we finish work that has been started at an earlier session.

The group was formed about 5 years ago and has been going strong ever since. We are fortunate to have a wonderful leader, Linda Walker. She organises us and arranges all activities, tutors and, of course, our finances. Our main aim in forming the group was to share expertise and encourage learning to enable creativity to be continued and enjoyed.

We have a full membership at the moment but sometimes there is the opportunity of coming along as a guest. Follow the blog to find out more.

This is a new blog.  If you want to access lots of info from our old blog please go to this link http://www.4sssswapshop.com/

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